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We make the internet simply accessible and enjoyable. Now that it has become a necessity that is making our lives better, inet has worked on making broadband service even more powerful so that your work and entertainment do not wait for anything. Choose a plan that suits your needs, activate on the go and explore the fastest and unbridled broadband with inet fiber. Your new superpower is speed now.

Broadband service

Enjoy high-speed internet coupled with the best plans that add more speed to your day.

Managed service

Empower your business with uninterrupted all-time connection, best service, low latency, and beneficial data plans.

Enterprise service

Speed up your workplace operations with scalable, fast, and high-quality internet connection.

The future of fiber technology

is here for you.

We understand your needs. The speed you need to work from home and the speed with which you stream and share increases day by day and we have improved our service greatly to enable you to be ahead of everyone. To ensure unbridled connectivity, we serve you with the latest fiber technology so that you never wait for buffering.

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